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Why Texas Music Was Awesome in 2013
Seems like most everyone is bashing country music these days, and there's reason to. I heard  some legitimate reasons Why Country Music was Awful in 2013. And while calling people out for singing crappy songs serves a purpose, and may even serve to correct the ship -- you gotta admit, it&a…
Whiskey Myers ‘Home’ Official Music Video
It's here! Been waiting patiently, it was worth it. CMT debuted the new Whiskey Myers "Home" video today. Now all that's left is the new album, Early Morning Shakes, due out early 2014. Catch a preview of it here.
Whiskey Myers Talk New Album: ‘Early Morning Shakes’
Whiskey Myers' "Firewater" was without a doubt one of the top albums of the past three years. Just their second album, it solidified the East Texas rockers in a lot of people minds as a true band, worth their salt. But with one great album comes the expectation to follow it up…
Watch Whiskey Myers on CMT’s Concrete Country
It wasn't long ago Cody, Cody, John, Jeff and Gary of Whiskey Myers were playing to sparse crowds anywhere they could plug in, in and around Tyler. Now it's a critically acclaimed album, Rock 'n Roll cruises, chart topping singles, and a blossoming national fan base. This week the guys went home, to…

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