Go big or go home. That's the mindset of Texas Motor Speedway, which is about to install the largest high-definition screen in the world.

And it's not even close.

The new "Big Hoss TV" at Texas Motor Speedway, created by Panasonic, will span a massive 218 feet long, nearly 95 feet high -- that's 20,633 square feet for those of you counting at home. It will also boast 1080p resolution and 4.8 million pixels.

For size comparisons, the Big Hoss will be 9,000 square feet larger (about 79%) than the monstrosity at AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) in Arlington. It also will be about 25 percent bigger than the current largest screen in the world at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

It will be placed along the backstretch at Texas Motor Speedway.

“It’s not about being bigger than Charlotte Motor Speedway,” president Eddie Gossage told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s not about being bigger than Cowboys Stadium. It’s about doing the best we can do for our fans. I’ll be honest with you, the first plan I laid out was much larger than this.”

Construction will begin after the AAA Texas 500 NASCAR on Nov. 3 and will be finished before the 2014 racing schedule begins in April.

A dollar amount hasn't been released, but the two-sided video board at AT&T Stadium was $40 million.

Do you think this is a good move or will the screen simply distract fans like it does for Cowboys fans?