It's that time of year in Tyler again - Rose Festival! Check out all of the details for this weekend here!

The Texas Rose Festival has been held in Tyler for 80 years and has defined Tyler as the "Rose Capital." With approximately 75 percent of all roses in the U.S. handled in Tyler, it only seems fair to celebrate each year with ceremonies and a parade.

The 2013 festival - Raindrops on Roses and Other Favorite Things - kicked off yesterday with the ribbon cutting ceremony and will continue until Sunday, October 20. Queen Rachel Vanderpool Clyde will have her coronation at 7 tonight in the UT Tyler Cowan Center. The most popular event of the weekend is the annual Rose Parade - set for Saturday morning at 9. The parade route travels westward on Front Street from Glennwood through the East Texas State Fairgrounds and into Rose Stadium. The parade is free to anyone wishing to see the floats, East Texas organizations, roses and the queen alongside her court. More details on the weekend's events can be found here. 

The incredible history of Rose Festival can be experienced year-round at the Tyler Rose Museum. Visitors can see photographs, memorabilia and of course the costumes and dresses of previous festivals. To learn more about the Tyler Rose Museum visit their website. 

And don't forget - Keep Tyler Rosey!