At our upcoming Big Bass Bash, we hope to see lots of record breaking big bass. Hopefully, all of you will be there catching those big ole fish. But, what are the biggest bass caught before this Big Bass Bash tournament? How can you ensure you can catch one of these record breaking swimmers?

Every fisherman is looking for that scale breaking large catch. Everyone baits their hook looking to wrestle a double digit pounder into the boat with them. Not everyone is so lucky to meet these elusive beasts of our lakes. But, some have pulled a big bass out of the water.

So, who are the top ten Texas caught big ole bass? Here are those listed on the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife list of the top 50 biggest bass caught in our lone-star state.

1. Barry StClair
1992 at Lake Fork, a 18.18 pound and 25.5 inch long bass was caught. This catch shot StClair to the top of the Texas record list, and he has stayed there for more than a decade now.

2. Mark Stevenson
Stevenson and his 17.67 pound and 27.5 inch long bass held the title of biggest bass in Texas from the day of the catch back in 1986 on Lake Fork.

3. Stan Moss
In 1989 at Lake Fork, Moss caught a 17.64 pounder that was 28 inches long.

4. Jerry L. New
New's 17.63 pounds and 26.25 long bass was caught at Lake Fork in 1990.

5. Larry Barnes
In 1988 a 17.29 pounds weighing fish came out of Lek Fork.

6. Troy Coates
Lake Fork gave Coates a 17.08 weighing and 25.5 measuring bass in 1991.

7. Earl Crawford
In 1986, Crawford had a 16.9 pound bass that came out of the waters of Lake Pinkston measuring at 27.66 inches.

8. Bryan Turner
From Lake Fork, Turner caught a 16.89 lbs. and 25.5 in. bass in 1993.

9. Tommy Shelton
Lake Samrayburn gave up a 16.8 pound and 28.75 inch long fish in 1997.

10. Herchel Brickey
Millcreek Lake lost a 16.77 pound bass to Brickey's reel back in 1990.

Past thinking about going out to Lake Fork to catch some huge fish, what could you do to hook an award winning bass? Well, here is some help to get you the big prize for the Big Bass Bash.

First, here are some facts and a little knowledge on the creature you are looking to battle out on the water.

Next, claims that this video holds the secrets to bass fishing success.

Well, you should be a little more ready to compete in our KNUE Big Bass Bash tournament. I hope you get a fish so big you can't fit it in the boat!