The “Cash Mob” will be showing its support and appreciation for a small locally owned business tomorrow!  So what’s a “Cash Mob”?  Bevery Abell, the leader of the City of Tyler Main Street Department, describes it as being,

based loosely on the same principles as flash mobs.  A crowd gathers together in one place, conducts an activity, and disburses.” (City of Tyler press release)

Tomorrow morning the cash mob will assemble at Gallery Main Street (110 W.Erwin, downtown) at 7:30a and then the mob will head to the Downtown Coffee Lounge located at College and Erwin to be there around 8:30a.  The public is invited to be a part of the cash mob, even if it’s during the lunch or mid-day hour too!

Organizers are asking participants to bring around $10 to spend in the local business.  It’s another way to support locally owned businesses and to say thanks for selecting the downtown area.  The cash mob craze began last year and has spread internationally and it actually has its own day, March 24th.  Seeing how the 24th lands on a Saturday organizers are making tomorrow our Cash Mob day!

With the announcement made, I’m sure the staff at the Downtown Coffee Lounge will be well prepared to handle the “Cash Mob”!

For more details on how to participate cal the City of Tyler Main Street Department at 903.593.6905.