Student loans are so much fun. I love being in debt and 21. With that being said, I am very pleased with my decision to go to a Junior College. Compared to my friends who are currently going to big bad awesome Universities and I doing very well. Since I chose to go Tyler Junior College I save money on living expenses because I still live at home and I have job security because I don't have to leave in the summer. (More after advice after the jump)

I highly suggest the website College for Texans for parents and soon-to-be grads who are looking at taking the leap of faith we call higher education.

Don't let the cost of college cloud your mind.  There is assistance out there, and everyone qualifies for something.  It is need based and you will have to have your tax return papers handy when you fill out the FASFA.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid online applications must be submitted by midnight Central Daylight Time, June 30, 2012. So get on the ball seniors, and get the process started.