I probably watch two to three episodes of The Daily Show each week and despite his very liberal point of view Jon Stewart, is both intelligent and likeable. Imagine that. Besides, it's a good balance to my time spent watching Fox News. Check it out sometime, it's on about 19 times a day.

So as if you needed another reason to watch, last night they retweeted a tweet about Tyler's own Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q!

Here's Jon Stewart's tweet:

First, that's just awesome. The home of the best barbecue in East Texas and the best pork ribs in the state (and since us Texans are pompous about our BBQ, thus the world) is getting some great exposure! Second, we just flat out agree.

Stewart's retweeting of Texas Gov. Rick Perry was from the governor's response to trying Stanley's ribs at a local event. Here's a picture Perry took with Stanley's owner Nick Pencis: