What is more fun than going door to door and getting free candy while dressed up in a fun costume? Nothing! Halloween is made for kids of all ages. But what happens if you run out of treats? Tricks maybe?One of our staff members in sales had that dilemma last night. Panicked she went to her pantry to see what she had that would please the Trick-or Treater. Low and behold, she grabbed a can of Vienna Sausages and proudly put it in the young child's Trick or Treat bag! That's right, Vienna Sausages!

When she told me the story this morning, I laughed, but then I thought, how sweet that she just didn't turn the Trick or Treater away but instead, she gave what she had in her pantry.

Talk about improvising! I remember getting toothpaste and a tooth brush in my bag. Yea, what a drag! What is the oddest thing you or your child has received n your Trick or Treat bags?