Turnpike Troubadours spent one week at No. 1 before vacating it to make way for JB and the Moonshine Band. These young bands are proving to be two of the top new bands in Texas and Oklahoma. Last year Turnpike Troubadours beat out JB and the Moonshine Band for Best New Band at The Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. And now they are duke-ing it out for radio play. It appears the future of Texas and Red Dirt Music is in good hands.

This week's biggest movers were; "I'll Sing About Mine" Josh Abbott Band, "No Better Than This" JB and the Moonshine Band, "Pennsylvania Avenue" Reckless Kelly, "We Do It In A Field" - Granger Smith and "Even The Losers" - Pat Green.

10. Rainout Hangout - Josh Ward

9. Pushing LuckJason Boland and the Stragglers

8. Fireworks - Hudson Moore

7. Even the Losers - Pat Green

6. One More Sad Song – Randy Rogers Band

5. Say Goodnight - Eli Young Band

4. One Star Flag - Casey Donahew Band

3. Running - Phil Hamilton

2. Good Lord Lorrie - Turnpike Troubadours

1. No Better Than This - JB and the Moonshine Band

Congratulations to JB and the Moonshine Band on scoring their second consecutive No. 1, the follow up to "Beer for Breakfast" which reached the top back in May.

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