I am not sure if it is the extreme heat in Texas that causes the roads to deteriorate so quickly but I have noticed that there are certain roads that I need a vehicle with really good suspension in order to not bottom out and leave under parts of my car scattered all over Smith County.

The old part of Tyler on East Line by the train depot where the really neat old bricks are no longer working as a road but rather as a washboard -- TxDot is repaving it making it a nice place to drive through history.  East Texas  road construction details after the jump.

TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation)
is in the middle of a "District-Wide Seal Coat Program."

This involves a seal being applied to the surface of approximately 300 miles of roads in eight counties in the Tyler TxDot district with a two-step process of spraying hot asphalt and covering it with rock.  This program will be completed before the end of August.  This initiative will add years of life to existing pavement.

Tyler and Longview "Loops" 323 and 281 are under a major resurfacing program.  With the new construction of "Earl Campbell Parkway" we all have felt the major bumps in the road as we tried to avoid that area.  If you went through that area often in June were you lucky enough to hit that area where they had a good six inch difference between the OLD road and the NEW -- that was really FUN wasn't it?

This last week there was a lot of night time lane closures on Loop 323 in Tyler that were inconvenient -- here are the areas to be affected July 20th and there after. TxDot-

"Beginning as early as Sunday, July 24, Texas Department of Transportation contractor APAC-Dallas is scheduled to begin nighttime pavement repairs and resurfacing on SH 110 in Tyler between Golden Road and 5th Street.

Crews will be at work each night, Sunday-Thursday between 8 p.m and 5 a.m. until the work is complete in approximately two months.
Meanwhile, the pavement-repair phase of the night work on Loop 323 is complete.

Crews are scheduled to begin final resurfacing, also during nighttime hours, as early as Wednesday, July 20."

Click here for more details on road construction in our area.  What part of town do you hate driving through -- where are the worst roads?