Watch out Miranda Lambert, there is another local girl taking over your hometown territory. Tyler, Texas has a singer and songwriter who is picking up speed around town. In Lambert's absence from the area while on tour and being famous, Maegan Brooks is building an East Texas fan base.

Though Lambert and Brooks share lots of similarities, Brooks is starting to locally win over the hearts of East Texans. With a style that merges country and so much else, this young lady is pleasing all tastes.

During the summer's Liberty Hall All-Star Showcase, Maegan Brooks played the What About Kabob stage and blew everyone away. With her original songs inviting tears to everyone's eyes, her covers capturing the hearts of the whole audience, and even a quick rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's theme song to bring the boogie, Maegan Brooks was a true delight.

Though Brooks has yet to reach stadium status like Lambert, she has been playing almost as often. With a show coming this Saturday at the Coffin Shop in downtown Tyler, you have a perfect chance to see this talented lady play. Along with the very fun and gifted The Sideshow tragedy, this show will be a must see. If you do miss this show, which is a bad call, then you will have plenty of other chances.

With all of this exposure, Maegan Brooks has been getting noticed in a big way. With her self released cd just recently out for the public, already this young woman is winning awards. The East Texas Music Awards gave Brooks one of the highest awards of the night, the Singer/Songwriter of the Year Award. This was a public voted award, meaning Maegan Brooks is becoming East Texas' new favorite artist.

What will come of this now award winning artist? The sky is the limit. Once she has taken Tyler over, next comes Texas and then the whole country. With her sweet melodies and mastered skill of the acoustic guitar, the world can be hers.

Songs like "Somebody to Love" and "Hangin On" will soon be favorites to the masses. Though she has created great songs, she is only beginning. Be sure to check out this day time teacher, night time performer. Maegan Brooks is promised to romance your ears.