So after 23 Saturdays in a row the RTX Crew and I will be taking this Saturday off.  But we won't leave ya hanging, we are waaay too tight for that.  This week's show will feature a plethora of greatness, thanks to the RTX ReWind we'll play back  some of our best interviews over the past 5 months.

On top of your regular best in Texas and Red Dirt Music you've come to expect every week, you'll hear from Brandon Rhyder, Kevin Fowler, Cody Johnson, Casey Donahew, Rich O'Toole plus many more! And we'll also have a brand new interview with JB and The Moonshine Band who will be performing next Friday 7.1.11 at Electric Cowboy as KNUE and Radio Texas Live present the Ultimate Kick Off to your Independence Day Weekend, get your tickets for that by clicking here, then tune in Saturday night for The Best Of Radio Texas Live!