Each week my good friend Rita Ballou takes the time to collect the wittiest, most topical and random tweets from the Texas scene. Then after she gathers them, I steal 'em. So please reward my laziness by checking out This Week in Texas and Red Dirt Tweets. This week we get an #embarrassing tweet from Josh Abbott,  Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly shares what he thinks to be the #WorstTitleEver, we find out who's guitar that is pictured with a chicken bone, plus more.

@joshabbottband: Yes, I accidentally stepped off stage. Yes, I landed on the barrier bars, and then the ground. Yes, it hurt! Haha #embarrassing No I wasn’t drunk! Didn’t even drink tonight! Just pitch black and I didn’t see the edge.

@RichOToole: Wow… Look what someone wrote about “The Cricket Song” on YouTube!! It’s a sick world out there!

@BoPhillipsBand: There should be a way to sterilize people til they can pass a test on how to raise a child…

‏@rrbchoir: First class.

@WillymfBraun: I’m glad I haven’t had to listen to “Hillbilly Jedi” yet but I kinda want to just so I can honestly say how [expletive] it is. #WorstTitleEver

@johndavidkent: Getting psyched up to start the master cleanse. Has anyone ever done it?

@raywylie: I’m unfollowing a lot of you cause of the political barrage rants. i’ll check back with you mid nov. i love ya but don’t tweet it, vote it

‏@KaceyMusgraves: My guitar. Oh, and a chicken bone.


@stoneylarue: Teen pregnancy and New York rapist security. Wow.. spread the message of song and art to America…. Shall we? For that matter show people.

‏@esylvnstranger: (Jackson Taylor) I had to un fallow some folks. I am new to twitter and I was fallowing over 600 people and found it impossible to fallow. Nothing personal.