There is a lot of great Texas music out there. With every one great artist or band you find, there are five more waiting to be discovered. To help you in your search of great Texas music, here are three talented Austin, Texas-based musicians and bands you need to know about. 

Now, Buddy Logan's show Radio Texas Live! is the place to go and here about a lot of the fantastic music coming out of Texas, but here is a little more for you.

These guys aren't at the top of the Texas charts, yet. But, these Texas music makers are ones to watch climb their way up to the top. All three hail from Austin, Texas the capitol of our great state and the place to go to find some of the best Texas music.

So, lets give these three Texas bands a listen.

1. Dale Watson 

2. Carrie Rodriquez

3. East Cameron Folkcore

Well, there are some new Texas artists for you to give a listen to. Make sure to tune in every Saturday night for Radio Texas Live! with Buddy Logan.