Have you seen the pictures of Tim McGraw lately? He looks good. He and wife Faith Hill are both beautiful people already, but his attention to health and exercise is helping McGraw reach near perfection. So, why the sobriety and exercise dedication?

Everyone in the public eye must be aware of how their actions can be portrayed to fans. If you look at Lindsay Lohan for an example, you will see how celebrities have to be careful how they act in public.

Tim McGraw and his wife have always seemed like the perfect couple, free of flaws.

McGraw explains that it wasn't just how his fans might perceive him , but what his children thought of him.

Though his sobriety is keeping him out of the tabloids, his wife and children were the real inspiration behind this life choice. Tim McGraw has now been sober for five years. What does he do instead? He works out. A lot.

Well, all of that exercise is showing. He looks good!

Rick Diamond