TIME Magazine is profiling the style of "attachment parenting," and they're going to make sure you do a double-take at the cover in the process.

The latest issue of the popular magazine introduced perhaps its most provocative cover ever, showing a mother breast-feeding her 3-year-old son. TIME photographer Martin Schoeller photographed four mothers and their children in an extensive expose on attachment parenting, a craze that has picked up steam over the past two decades, according to the article.

The cover of the magazine is trending on Twitter, and is surely going to be the latest craze on social media over the next few days.

Kate Pickert's story, which you can read in part online (the full article is available to subscribers), largely centers around the work of Dr. William Sears, whose book "The Baby Book" in 1992 inspired a large generation of mothers to adapt the attachment-style of parenting. He encourages breast-feeding longer into a child's life, "baby-wearing" and co-sleeping.

Styles of parenting have long been a debate, including how far is too far concerning attachment-style parenting, but TIME is definitely taking it a step further.