You've finished all your Christmas gift shopping. But wait - on your way out of town to spend Christmas at Grandma's, you realize you forgot to get a gift for Cousin Earl. Yikes, there is no Wal-Mart in sight! No worries, just turn into the next gas station and choose from a wide variety of gifts that will sure to please Cousin Earl.

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    Slim Jim and a Six Pack of Beer

    What could be better then the artificial smoky flavor of a Slim Jim? A Slim Jim with a cold beer that's what!

    negativesnap, Flickr
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    Scratch Offs and a Six Pack of Beer

    This could be a great gift for you too. Think about it, Cousin Earl could win thousands and share it with you! Well you can dream can't you?

    professor batty, Flickr
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    Zippo Lighter and a Six Pack of Beer

    Zippo lighters come in many cool designs and are available at most gas stations. Don't worry, if cousin Earl is not a smoker this gift will still be a favorite of his! This gift is practical handy for lighting campfires, BBQ pits, candles and fireplaces. Of course don't use the Zippo while drinking beer Earl!

    AndreaDuni, Flickr
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    Pork Rinds and A Six Pack of Beer

    Yum! Pork Rinds and beer are you kiddin'? Everybody on the know - knows this is the breakfast of champions! If the gas station has it, buy a bottle of Tabasco or hot sauce to make the gift complete. Keep in mind it's the thought that counts.

    bradleygee, Flickr
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    Styrofoam Cooler and A Six Pack Of Beer

    This is a gift that cousin Earl will use again and again. Ice down some beer and food and head out to the lake, tailgating, outdoor parties and picnics. The Styrofoam cooler has many other uses too. Say Cousin Earl finds himself without a life jacket - he's got the cooler, what if he catches his limit in fish - he's got the cooler! I think this is actually a very thoughtful gift.

    forwardstl, Flickr