I just took up riding a mountain bike this past spring so I'm no expert but I've found riding my bike to not only be fun but also great exercise for me, you or anyone. While there definitely aren't many mountains in East Texas to ride up and down that doesn't mean there aren't some fun and challenging bike trails in our area that need conquering. So fill up your camelbak and cinch your bike helmet to your noggin Christoper Columbus, because with help from The RTX Crew's Leslie Reynolds we compiled some bike trails for you to "discover".

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    Faulkner Park Nature Trail

    A nice nature/biking trail only a mile long. This is a good trail if you aren't very experienced and don't want to bike many miles. I enjoy going here when I just wanna take it easy but still get a ride in. At Faulkner Park, there's also a pavilion, baseball fields, tennis courts, pro shop, playground, fishing pond and spray-ground for younger kids.

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    Cargill Long Park Trail-Longview

    This trail is only about 3 miles long in the heart of Gregg County. The trail is asphalt, and is available to running, biking, skating and more. There are also exercise stations benches, a playground and "pic-i-nic" tables for your "pic-i-nic" baskets. The trail is open daily from 6am-11pm.

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    Tyler State Park

    The 13-mile-long mountain bike trail consists of some steep hills, switchbacks, sandy patches and piney woods. There is also an abandoned road on the property that is open to mountain biking. Park regulations (and your mom) require bikers to wear helmets.

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    Martin Creek Lake State Park

    The Martin Creek Lake bike trail is open year round, but most beautiful in late October through mid-November, when you can catch the colorful fall scenery, if you're into that sort of thing. The route is 7-1/2-miles and is curvy, mostly flat and tree-covered. It has an easy-to-moderate difficulty level. The park regulations require bikers to wear helmets.

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    UT Tyler

    I attended UT Tyler and had no idea there was a bike path hiding in the trees, but of course I wasn't riding at all back then. The trail at UT is a diverse trail that caters more toward the intermediate rider, it features both climbs and downhills and is definitely challenging enough to test the skills of some of the most experienced riders. It's a great ride especially if you're not looking to leave Tyler.

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