Every Wednesday night foodies across the country turn off the phones, open a bottle of wine and tune in to Bravo to watch “Top Chef.” Imagine our delight here in the Lone Star State when Bravo decided to do a special series right here in Texas!

We are known for cattle, oil, tumbleweeds in West Texas, the Ewings in Dallas, playing Bongo drums naked in Austin (thanks to our local Longview boy, Matthew McConaughey) and rodeo cowboys, but we all know that there are world class chefs right here in Texas that can go up against any chef in the world! Dallas Chef Kent Rathbun beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef for crying out loud, and we all know that Chef Dean Fearing is pure genius with everything from a Rib-Eye Steak to a Crème Brulee!

So, now Bravo presents us with an opportunity to bust through the stereotypes and show the world that Texans can cook so much more than Bar-B-Q, Chili and Chicken Fried Steak! This season of “Top Chef Texas” is a sheer delight… in keeping with the “everything is bigger in Texas theme,” Bravo has made this the biggest season ever. With 29 chefs competing in Austin, Houston and San Antonio and a host of celebrity judges including Emeril Lagasse, Iron Chef Cat Cora, Pee-Wee Herman (yep, you read that right!), Patti LaBelle and actress Charlize Theron.

For those of you who watch just for Padma (and who could blame you?!), did you jaws drop, too, in the Rattlesnake challenge when she told the contestants, “I want to see some mother****ing snakes on some mother****ing plates!”? Where else do you get to see chefs make Texas Rattlesnake into 5-star cuisine AND see a Super-Model drop the F bomb?

We are only a couple of episodes in and I can’t wait to see how much of Texas is showcased in this season. I wish that a Texas chef would win, but right now my money is on Dakota Weiss… I don’t think they saw her coming. Of course, Lindsay Autry could be the quiet force that kicks everyone’s butt! Who’s your favorite chef? Whoever wins this season, I know our Lone Star State will come out as the biggest star! Thank you Bravo for bringing Top Chef to Texas!!