Taylor Townsend came to the U.S. Open this week ranked as the number one junior women's tennis player in the world. But she almost didn't make it here because the U.S. Tennis Association told her that she couldn't compete at the U.S. Open or any tennis tournament until she got into better shape.

Here's what Taylor and her mother,told ABC's Good Morning America this morning:

I didn't get any definite answer on why they didn't want me to play they just told me that they felt I should focus on my fitness," Taylor said.

She was angry, she was upset, mad, confused," Townsend's mother Shelia Townsend, a former college tennis player, told ABC News. "She wanted to play and she didn't understand why she wasn't being allowed to."

Townsend's body type has been compared to Serena Williams and Lindsey Davenport, strong and muscular. That's why Townsend didn't understand when her own trainers told her she should get into better shape and not compete for now. Townsend is 5'6" and weighs in at 170 pounds.

Oh by the way, in January, she became the best junior women's tennis player in the world after sweeping the Junior Australian Open singles and doubles.

Townsend plays today at the U.S. Open. Go Get 'Em Girl!