After two weeks on top, Will Hoge makes way for a new No. 1. Do Kyle Park, Josh Ward or Turnpike Troubadours take over the coveted top spot? Let’s find out.

10. Messin' Around -- Rich O'Toole

9. Somethin' Ain't Always Better than Nothin' — Derly Dodd

8. Blame it on Wayolon -- Jason Cassidy

7. Haggard -- Brandon Rhyder

6. I Don’t Care About You Cody Johnson Band

5. Wrecked Turnpike Troubadours

4. She Ain’t Leavin’ Mark McKinney 

3. True LoveKyle Park 

2. Another Song Nobody Will HearWill Hoge featuring Wade Bowen

1. Sent Me YouJosh Ward

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