Being a tour guide is more dangerous then it sounds. People on a boat tour in the Florida Everglades got more than they paid for when their tour guides had to jump out of the boat and wrestling a 10-foot python.

A woman on the tour spotted the snake, and the tour guides,Tommy Owen from Everglade City, Fla., and Warren Wortman, from Chokoloskee, Fla., who work for Everglades Adventure Tours, jumped in the water and took down the Burmese python.

The guides pushed their tour boats away at least 15 feet away from the python, so one of the guides could grab the snake under the water and allow it to wrap and coil around him so he could pull it out.

The wrestling match, which was caught on camera, shows the python shaking loose from both tour guides arms. One of the guides was able to lift the snake out of the water long enough for the other guide to cut off the snake’s head with a blade he had only ever used to peel his oranges.

Burmese pythons are not native to the area, and are detrimental to the environment, killing native Everglade species, such as birds and other snakes.

The snake was turned over to Big Cypress National Preserve, where it will be tested to find out its eating habits, origin, and where it’s been.

Hey, anyone up for a tour in the Florida everglades?