This has to be the perfect Valentine's story. When I saw this story, I just cried. It struck me as such a true and sweet story of love. Betty Hove and John Grosh met and started their romance when they were just teenagers until John enlisted in the Navy during World War II. Betty says she never forgot the handsome young man who captured her heart all those years ago.

They both went on to marry other people and had long lasting relationships. But, they were both widowed a few years ago. That's when Betty's friend searched for John and found he was living In Tifton, Ga. Betty decided she would take the long trip from Idaho to Georgia to see her first love again  -- and that's exactly what she did.

After 70 years, they were reunited and the two said they fell for each other all over again! For now though, they will stay in touch by phone calls because of the distance, but true love prevails.

This is the perfect example of true love -- no matter your situation or age, these two took the leap to reconnect. Love has no age limits.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. (Somebody pass me a tissue.)