Last week RC Edwards of the Turnpike Troubadours called into Radio Texas Live. We talked about about their new single "Gin, Smoke, Lies", their concert at Electric Cowboy (WHICH WAS AWESOME!) and their new album "Goodbye Normal Street."

First things, first. The Turnpike Troubadours have never played in Tyler, never! I'm not sure why, I suppose they were trying to build some buzz or something. But that changed last Wednesday when they finally made their Electric Cowboy debut. And the Oklahomans didn't disappoint.

Their new single is called "Gin, Smoke, Lies" if you haven't heard it yet, RC tells us a bit about it and we spin it, check it out.

And finally their new album. It's titled "Goodbye Normal Street" and drops May 8th -- I just got a copy today y'all are gonna love it. In this last segment RC talks about the album and tells us how to pre-order it.

Click here to pre-order "Goodbye Normal Street", follow the guys on Facebook, Twitter and don't miss 'em in concert the next time you get the opportunity to see them.