This is a shocking story that never should have happened, but sadly, this is a sign of our times. Jennifer Livingston, an anchor on WKBT News 8 in LaCrosse, Washington, was so shocked by the meanness of a letter she received from a viewer, Kenneth W. Krause, about her weight that she took to the air to respond.

Our society focuses on "perfection." Thin, beautiful people are revered and considered some how, better than others who aren't.  But what is this teaching our youth? That if you aren't perfect, then you are no good? Yes, being healthy is what we should all strive for, but to bully someone into your "way of thinking" is just wrong.

Jennifer says when she first read the letter, she tried to laugh it off. But then she was hurt and shocked by the words she read. Here is part of the letter the viewer sent to Jennifer:

Surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for this community's young people, girls in particular. Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain."

Jennifer could have just let the hurtful words in the letter stay on the the page, but instead, she decided to face the viewer head on.

In a frank editorial, she acknowledged that she is overweight, but she knows that from looking in the mirror, not because she received a letter to bringing it to her attention -- and pointed out her character is made up of a lot more than the numbers she sees on the scale. She also encouraged the community to rise above people who bully others and teach their children "to be kind, not critical, and we need to do that by example."

She followed up by thanking her colleagues, family, friends and the others who have come to her defense.

I will never be able to thank you enough for your words of support and for taking a stand against this bully. We are better than this email. We are better than the bullies that will try to take us down."

But others felt differently, including one viewer who agreed with the viewer who sent Jennifer the letter:

 Since when is it a virtue to be obese? And where is the bullying in the e-mail? The tone of the e-mail does not offend. It is normal that a viewer would write about a public personality about her excess weight. The fact that you love her with her excess weight Mr. Thompson does not mean it is ok to be fat ... don't hide behind bullying, this man is not bullying you, he is just asking you to do something about your excess weight. GIVE UP A FEW BURGERS AND CUT THE CHEESE. START MOVING JENNIFER!"

Wow! I believe this letter is worse then the first letter. You know, there are other ways to show your concern for people. But I did not get that these viewers were actually "concerned." These comments, to me, came across as mean spirited and arrogant.

Personally, I salute Jennifer Livingston and those like her, who stand up to bullies and the stupidity of others! My own daughter has been effected by bullying and believe me, it is not to be taken lightly. This effects the individual in so many ways.

Jennifer is to be admired and an excellent role model for young and older people. Congratulations to you Jennifer for your bravery.

What are your thoughts on this story?