Our good friend from Rita Ballou from Raw Hide and Velvet posted her top tweets of the week from Willie to Randy to The Honky Tonk Kid she found some good ones:

@notjakeowen: Jerry Sandusky is court ordered to stay 100 yards away from a Scotty McCreery performance.

@ryanbeaver: Seriously ladies? I’m not Ryan Gosling, I’m Ryan Beaver. He’s an actor & I’m a singer/songwriter…other than that, I see how it’s confusing.

@EarlDibbles: Bout to climb the windmill.

@raywylie: Some real criminal friends of mine say only punk ass chumps use the term po po. when running from the police, they say police.

@Rosehilllive: If I play a terrible set tonight, but the last song is the best song ever played… Does that make me Tebow????

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