The band Uncle Lucius is comprised of  5 dudes, 5  of the coolest, most talented dudes I've come across since doing this thing I do, called "work".  Their music has been featured on hit television shows like 'Castle' and 'Friday Night Lights' and the guys are coming back to Tyler Saturday night and you need to be there, so in case you haven't had the opportunity to hear their music yet, I've included 2 cuts off the album 'Pick Your Head Up' --they call their sound Southern Outlaw Soul I call it awesome! Hear the cuts after the  jump

This Saturday Uncle Lucius will be headlining The East Texas All Star Showcase a show that contains some of the most talented folks in East Texas.  It's happening at the beautiful Liberty Hall on the brick streets of downtown Tyler -buy your tickets here- Sheesh, just get your tickets and go! You will not regret this purchase or night of music, comedy and BBQ from Stanley's.  All right, on to the Uncle Lucius cuts.

The first cut I've got for ya is 'Liqour Store'

And now I'm gonna share 'Everybody Got Soul' --check it out!

So if you were on the fence before I'm pretty sure now you're gonna wanna go so I'll save you some time --here's the link again-buy your tickets here- Have fun!