When Fox 31 in Denver, Colo. a legitimate news station, reports several UFO sightings over the Mile High City, it will of course garner attention. Not many news outlets would ever do something like this. The man who shot the video says he's seen and videoed the UFO at least a couple times a week, many times, between noon and 1 p.m. Wait, before you dismiss this, watch the report.

Steve Cowell an Aviation expert thought he'd be able to explain it away, but he was shocked when he saw the video. "That's strange," says Cowell in the news story, "That is not an airplane. That is not a helicopter. Those are not birds... Ummmm, I can't identify it."

Fox 31 even verified the story by setting up their own camera, they captured the same images themselves, that's some freaky stuff.

Check out the video for yourself, see what you think. And if you'd like, read more about it. Perhaps -- maybe -- we've got aliens looking for to score some legal dope.