If you've been outta Texas the last couple months, that sucks. While you've been out gallivanting around the countryside you've missed the news that David Allan Coe, Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Charlie Robison and Curtis Grimes are playing May 26th at The Gladewater Rodeo Arena for Party in the Dirt 2012 presented by KNUE.

Which means you've all ready missed your chance at half-price tickets that we sold all March long. But chin-up buckaroo, now we're giving you and up to five of your friends the chance at FREE Party in the Dirt VIP treatment. That's a $210 value, yours free.

What do the Party in the Dirt VIP's get?

1. VIP Box seats INCLUDES 6 of the best seats in the house.
2. VIP Parking up close to the event with a private entrance and exit.
3. Entry into the VIP tent.
4. Free Food in VIP Tent.
5. Free Beverages in VIP Tent.
6. Giveaways only available to VIP's.
7. After Party in the VIP Tent.
8. VIP Meet and Greet access.
***and more exciting things that ONLY VIP's can get***

Sounds pretty sweet, right? If you want to get in on it and be your friend's favorite friend, you've got two steps to complete.

2. Fill out the form below.

That's it. We'll contact the winner Monday, May 7th, good luck!

Quick tip -- if I were you I'd get all your friends to enter (at least the five you wanna take) that'll put the odds a little more in your favor. Click here if you just want to go ahead and buy your tickets now.

I'll leave you with the video for "Irresponsible" from Curtis Grimes.