One of the biggest retail chains, Walmart, will be opening a 2,500 sq. ft. store on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga. this year. I was surprised to hear this is the second Walmart to open its doors at a college -- Arkansas in Fayetteville.

These campus Walmarts are smaller in size and will carry pharmacy services, basic groceries , general merchandise and will offer check cashing and bill paying. The Walmarts on campus will have pharmacy services, basic groceries, general merchandise, check cashing and bill paying services.

The Walmart going up on the Georgia Tech campus will be 2,500 sq. ft. and the one already on the Arkansas campus is 10,000 sq. ft. These are much smaller than the average 50,000 sq ft to 185,000 sq ft at the Super Walmarts.

My father told me years ago that  Walmart would eventually take over the world! But where does that leave the local businesses? I'm not hating on Walmart, but I also grew up in a family that is made up of generations of small business owners, the backbone of this country.

We already know that large cities, mainly on the east coast, oppose Walmarts opening, mainly because of local business. Studies are showing a decline in local businesses after Walmarts move in, and labor disputes over lack of competitive pay and benefits.

So what are your thoughts? Can we have local businesses and Walmart?