Wildlife biologist Kevin Walter got a little more than he bargained for when he came across a rarely seen wild bobcat while turkey hunting.

According to American Hunter, Walter was tracking a turkey when it stopped gobbling. And that's when he noticed the bobcat coming toward him.

“When it got directly behind me, I gave a few squirrel distress calls,” he told American Hunter. “That stopped it in its tracks, and it peered around a tree to look at me.”

In most cases, a bobcat would run away from a human, but this one was different. Walter said he thought the lens on his camera phone is what sent the cat into predatory mode.

And what happened next was pretty scary.

“It stopped about four yards away with its tail flittering about. Then, just like that, it jumped right at my phone, which was next to my face," he said. "I swatted it away, and it bounced off my arm and took off like a bat outta hell through the woods.”