A favorite memory of mine was watching westerns on Saturday with my Granny. I saw my Granny a lot and we were very close. She loved watching westerns, and I did too. Some of our favorites were GunsmokeRiflemanLittle House on the PrairieRawhide and Bonanza.

Granny's favorite was Little House on the Prairie, while mine were Gunsmoke and Bonanza. When I was older I had an acting coach who was always in the Gunsmoke shows, and I thought that was kinda cool.I was fascinated with the time period and it always amazed me that the good guys always came out on top.

But every little girl could not deny how sweet Michael Landon was in Little House. And small pint, are you kidding me, it was the perfect western family. Sometimes I wish for those simpler days. How about you?

What are some of your favorite westerns?

Little House on the Prairie





The Big Valley