The hotter summer is, the higher electric bills seem to be. Talk about a heated battle!

You may think that you're doing everything you can do keep your electric bill low this summer, but we've got a few ideas that may help you out over the next few months.

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Our Favorite Tips:

Do you tend to keep your air conditioner running at a fairly cool temperature? Try bumping it up a few degrees, it'll save you more money than you think.

Natural light in your house is great, but it's not as free as you think it is. When the sun beats through all of your windows, it's actually heating up your house. Try keeps blinds closed or curtains drawn on the sunny side of your house - particularly in the evenings when the sun is setting.

Don't neglect your air conditioning unit. You go get annual checkups, so why shouldn't your air conditioner? Professional cleanings and maintenance can often help keep your unit running more efficiently than otherwise. Also, don't forget to change your air filters once a month!

Is your house empty during the day? While you're off at work or running errands, consider turning the temperature up a little higher. Changing the dial may not seem like a big deal, but it can save you a lot of money if you just remember to only cool the house when you're home.

These days everyone has all sorts of appliances and gadgets at their house, but those all use electricity when they are plugged in. Try using power strips (and turning them off when you leave the house) for appliances that don't require being reprogrammed when they are turned on.

Do a clean sweep of your house - ask yourself if you really need all the appliances and electrical items that you have? Try getting rid of the unnecessary ones or replacing the old ones (appliances over 15 years old can often use more electricity than they need to, thus bumping up your usage).