Would you guys agree that there is no other feeling like being embarrassed? It's well, embarrassing, right? We've all had that experience and we never want to experience it again.

Some of my co-workers were talking about embarrassing moments while eating lunch, and asked me what my most embarrassing moment was. I've been embarrassed so many times it's sad.

It took me a minute to choose which of the hundreds of moments I felt like sharing with them. I chose to share the time I was in Dallas working as a stage actress, (well I was actually working more as a waitress, but we won't go there) I had the part of Maggie in Tennessee Williams' "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," and on opening night, I stepped out on stage and for the first time in my so-called "acting" career, I forgot my lines.

Talk about panic. My heart sank to my stomach, you know, like when you get pulled over by a cop?! So I just walked off the stage, asked for lines, and walked back on like I was supposed to that, and said my line. The rest of the show was great, but I will never forget that feeling and moment - ever!

OK, I'm done sharing, it's your turn now.  What was your most embarrassing moment? Come on, I shared mine! Don't leave me hanging here, guys!