Other people now tell you what is OK to say and think.

Think I'm kidding? Remember words like fat and stupid? Use them now and you're sent to "Sensitivity Training" and then put on probation to make sure that you don't think that way anymore.

As a fat person that has no interest in training that makes me sensitive, I say, Enough.

The word fat has plenty of great connotations (by the way, connotation is not a bad word - I looked it up).

Examples include: "Fat Bank Account" "Fat And Happy" "Fat And Sassy" "Live Off The Fat Of The Land" and my favorite, "Fat Chance," which is used by most people, except fat guys named Chance who have been to sensitivity training.

And what about "Stupid?" Only stupid people think that's enforceable. Stupid people and morons.

Have we really reached the point where we've ceded our ability to say what we want to the self-annointed Thought Police?

Looks like, maybe.

As a fat guy who disdains stupid morons, I want to let everyone know that my choice of words belongs to me. I make it a point to only use adjectives when they're applicable. Not maliciously, but accurately.

What this country needs is not Sensitivity Training, but Common Sense Training.

Now, that would be phat.