Recently I was asked what country artist I would love to spend Christmas with. Well, I had never thought about it, but now I can't keep from thinking about it. I have so many favorite artists, all for different reasons.

If I can only pick one country artist, I choose George Strait. After all, he is the "King." Besides having 59 No. 1 hits, numerous ACM, CMA, ASCAP, Billboard, Radio & Records and TNN Music City awards, he has the smoothest, sexiest voice ever in country music.

I imagine George being low-key, well-mannered, cool and full of interesting stories. Pretty much just a great regular dude. I mean the guy lives on a huge ranch between San Antonio and Laredo that some reports estimate is at least 8,000 acres. But that's not all, George steer ropes, rides horses, corrals his cows, plays golf, holds team roping events, fishes, hunts, owns a tractor, drives a truck and has a degree in agriculture from Southwest Texas State University. To put it simply -- George Strait is the ultimate cowboy.

Which country artist would you most like to spend Christmas with?

Here is my all-time favorite George Strait song, "Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye."

"Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye"