If YOU don't, you're in the minority that much is certain!..  But perhaps you just haven't had the chance to hear his music much, or see him live --well you can kill both those birds with one trip to Electric Cowboy tonight (buy tickets here).  Kyle Park, a native Austin-ite is building a big following here in Texas.  He's been diligently touring Texas since 2006 and writing songs and touring with many of your other favorite Texas/Red Dirt guys like Wade Bowen, Pat Green, Randy Rogers and Ryan Beaver in fact his brand new single just released to radio, 'Make or Break Me' which you can hear on Radio Texas Live, was written with Beaver.

The Park Camp has released a teaser of KP's forthcoming music video -a KP first,  for the new single 'Make or Break Me' I've got that for you down there --check it out then make sure ya'll make it to Electric Cowboy tonight, in addition to his show tonight Park will be my in-studio guest this Saturday for Radio Texas Live, don't miss it!