It’s a rather strange crime that’s left Kilgore business owners and police baffled.  Several faces have seen the culprits but can’t describe the thieves to police, well because, they’re mannequins!

The latest mannequin theft was early Monday morning at the Kilgore Historical Preservation Society office.  Thieves used a small barbell to smash the window in front of the store to steal the mannequin.  According to Kilgore Police, this is the second time in about a month that mannequins have been stolen from downtown businesses.  The previous incident happened about a month ago when the storefront of the Crystal Spur was smashed and one of their mannequins was stolen.

When the thieves do the smash and grab, the only thing they are grabbing are the mannequins!  They are not stealing anything else, the rest of the store is left alone.

If you have any information that can help track down the mannequin kidnappers contact the Kilgore Police Department at 903.983.1559.

Hearing about this crime reminds me of the Old Navy mannequin commercials, they’re all talking to each other but can’t say anything to the world!