There's a misconception in the music industry.  A myth that's been needing busting for a few years now.  One that sees people who aren't familiar with the Texas/Red Dirt scene dismissing it as if it were a 5th grade elementary class on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, ya know "just get outta here, go home."  But luckily we've got guys like Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly in the scene who when given the platform, oh so eloquently tell it like it is.

In an interview with Willy was asked several questions including the ever popular "how do you think Texas country, in general, is different from mainstream country?" He replied

Well, it seems like it’s a little more honest. Mainstream country comes mostly out of Nashville; that’s a real industry-driven town, whereas the Texas music scene is a lot more about live music. It’s about … The people that sing the songs are most likely the ones that wrote them. I don’t know, it’s just a more honest music scene. The songs people are singing are more likely to relate directly to the people singing them, whereas Nashville seems like, if there’s a song that’s about fried chicken that’s a hit, then everybody writes a song about fried chicken. If there’s a sailboat song, then everybody writes a sailboat song. It seems like they’re more of a bandwagon type of scene.

Click here and read the entire interview, well worth the read.  Willy and his brothers Cody (of Reckless Kelly) and Micky and Gary (of Micky and The Motorcars) comprise two very good bands in the Texas scene, but did you know they're not from The Lone Star State?

Check out "Texas State Trivia" with the Idaho native -- of course the follow up to "Idaho State Trivia" which he had to answer the time before we talked.  I think he does well enough for "Texas Wants You Anyway" status.

And check out their recent number 1 on The Texas Charts "Good Luck And True Love"