I guess there is someone out there that can't agree more with the Big Lebowski about the Eagles. A South Carolina woman is in custody after stabbing her roommate when he would not turn off the classic rock band.

Monday night was a bad time for one Eagles fan.

The roommate of Vernett Bader, 54, was minding his own business listening to the Eagles. When Bader became upset that the roommate would not turn the music off, she grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

It has been reported that Bader had to make that trip to the kitchen twice because the roommate allegedly fought her first attack off. But, the attempts eventually failed.

Bader is in custody facing domestic violence of a “high and aggravated nature” charges because of the damage she allegedly conflicted on her 64-year-old roommate.

The Associated Press reported that, "An incident report says police responded to a report of a stabbing and found Bader's 64-year-old roommate with stab wounds to his arm, hand and elbow."

Guess he should have turned off the record. But, how could you? The Eagles are pretty good.

Since we can be sure that South Carolina is a long way from us and Bader is currently in custody, let's get a few of the Eagles hits a rockin'.