For one Minnesota 3-year-old and his 89-year-old neighbor, age is just a number.

Bryan Rychner and his wife, Anika, lived next door to Erling Kindem for nearly 10 years, occasionally sharing a wave or a "Hi, how are ya'?," but never much more.

But then their son, Emmett, came along and soon formed a friendship with Erling that will surely melt your heart.

When he was 2, Emmett walked over to visit his neighbor while Erling was tending his tomato garden, and that was the beginning of an amazing story.

"Every time he saw me out there he would come running over," Erling told KARE, remembering those early visits from the boy next door who would ask, 'Erling, got any 'matoes?'"

The two would see more and more of each other. They would race each other in their John Deere tractors, ride bikes together, and Erling even surprised Emmett with a croquet set one day when he woke up from his nap.

"His patience is unbelievable," Bryan said about his neighbor."He sees Emmett outside playing, he'll find a reason to go outside."

But things are changing now. The Rychners have sold their house to find more room for their growing family, and Erling will soon move into a retirement home with his ailing wife.

"I told him ahead of time there was going to be a 'for sale' sign in our yard," Anika said. "Then I went in the house and I cried for about an hour."

In the video below, Erling becomes very emotional when talking about the moves he and the Rychners will make, obviously upset that he won't be next door to his little buddy anymore.

A Beautiful Friendship