It's summer and for a lot of folks that means drinking more beer. I thought it might be fun to list the worst beers ever brewed and get your thoughts on the subject, too! I did a little research on some beer rating websites to see what Americans picked for their worst beer.

1. Natural Ice: Or as some call it, “Natty Ice.”  This beer tastes like sour water that’s been sitting in the pipes of a dilapidated house for years. Let's go ahead and add Natural Light, Keystone Light, MGD 64  and Coors Aspen Edge to the list.

2. Schlitz: I think the name speaks for itself.

3. Bud Light Chelada: I want a beer, not an enchilada. Maybe a beer with my enchilada. Who drinks this stuff?

4. Red Stripe: Brewed in Jamaica and I think that's where it needs to stay. My husband and I went to Jamaica years ago and stayed in a "so-called" all-inclusive resort (that's a story for another post!). Anyway, with the all -inclusive, drinks were included and we could enjoy all the Red Stripe we could drink. Really?! Needless to say, we didn't partake.

5. Olde English 800 3.2: OK, we could just ahead and include more malt liquors while we're at it. Colt 45, Mickey's and Hurricane Ice. This green *blank* and other stuff sold at your neighborhood 7-11, could just be the worst of the worst! But just to be fair, Olde English 800 has actually been awarded gold medals for its
style by the judges at the Great American Beer Festival. Miracles do happen you know.

6. Busch: If you need a laxative, this is it.

7. Old Milwaukee & Milwaukee's Best etc.: Have you ever noticed the rancid smell from these beer?

8. Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic: Who needs fruit in their beer? I like Samuel Adams okay, but leave the cranberry for Thanksgiving please.

9. 7-11 Game Day: Think about it, a convenience store private label beer? I think 7-11 should just stick to Slim Jim's and Slurpees.

10. Schaefe: I remember Fourth of July parties that my Dad's side of the family would throw and I would always see my "wild" relatives sipping down Schaefer. Now my Dad and Mother never joined in. In fact I think my Mother would rather her children not be exposed. But the later it got, the funnier it got for me as a little kid!

I realize that taste is  subjective and some of you will disagree with some of these beers. I want to know what beer or beers your think are the worst. Let me know on the comment section below. Oh, never drink and drive!