Country Music takes a lot of heat for putting out crap (a lot from me) check out the list that Farce the Music says are the worst Country songs of 2011, there's even a couple #1 Billboard songs on it and deservedly so. On a quick side note I remember the first time I heard that Tim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow collabo which comes in on their list at #6.  At first I was like "Ok, Tim has a new song out, not bad.." then I heard the moaning, ear drum piercing "singing" from someone whom I later identified as Gywenth Paltrow, it was horrible.  That song should be #1 and Paltrow should be banned from music for life.  Click here to see the entire list which includes songs from Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and Justin Moore.

What do you think the worst singles of the year are?