As everyone you know is rushing around buying Christmas presents and worrying about getting them wrapped on time, you can refer to this list of helpful hints and be worry free this holiday season!

When it comes to presents, it's always the thought that counts - not the present itself. So why not put in a little more thought to the wrapping of your presents this year? It's easy, I promise.

These are some of my favorite holiday gift-wrapping hints to make your presents the most fun to open!

  • Make the wrapping part of the present - who says you can't use a scarf or blanket to wrap another gift?
  • Include something that smells like Christmas in all of your gifts - peppermints, pine cones, candles, etc.
  • Tie a candy cane onto the bow - it makes it seem like the present is more than it really is because there are two parts to unwrap.
  • Make the gift-wrapping fun - if the present looks pretty when it's all wrapped up, it will make the recipient wonder what's inside!
  • Make the gifts useful - don't buy your football fanatic of a brother-in-law a decorative coffee mug. It just doesn't make sense. Make the gifts personable for the recipient!

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be able to see the joy in the eyes of your friends and family when they open your gifts this year!