I read this story a few days ago and it inspired me! I knew I wanted to share it with you guys! Being a senior in college doesn’t always mean how many credits you have. Just ask 61 year old Alan Moore.  Let me explain - Faulkner University in Alabama is a Christian university in the state’s capital of Montgomery with about 3,000 students. This football season when the players hit the field, it will have Alan Moore on it's roster as the teams kicker!

Faulkner University officials say that after clearing up a few eligibility concerns, Alan Moore, a former college football player in the 1960s and Vietnam veteran, will take to the field once again this season as the Eagles’ newest team member.

Moore played his freshman year at Jones County Junior College before heading off to Vietnam for 11 months. In 2009 Alan was watching a game and was inspired. So last year, he attempted to  try out for Jones’ team but was turned away. But Alan did end up making the team at Holmes Community College. Now he is playing for Faulkner University!

Now that's going for your dream! Follow your dreams and wishes, you never know where they may take you!