Zack Walther is back in Tyler tonight at Electric Cowboy. His most recent single "Tonight (The Night Of Our Lives)" off the album "Into The Fray" saw quite a bit of Texas airplay in 2011. Zack stopped by the studio last Summer and we talked a bit, one of the first things we discussed was his band's original name "Zack Walther & The Cronkites" who made a name for themselves in Texas because of much more than the clever name they made for themselves.

The Cronkite's studio album "Ambition" featured songs with hard hitting thoughtful lyrics set to captivating melodies and beats. It saw the singles "Georgia Cane", "Down Easy" and "So Hard" all released as singles and I'm fairly certain all went top 20, but were all easily Top 5 worthy -- easily.

It's no secret Walther takes pride in his thought provoking songs, songs that tend to have more meaning beneath the surface of their great hooks and pleasing melodies. Just like his last album "Ambition" the new album "Into The Fray" features 10 cuts, with hard hitting thoughtful lyrics set to captivating melodies and beats. But it's also easy to see Walther has approached the new album with a new maturity and a continued love (by the simple fact that he refers to all his songs as his little babies) of making good music.

When he stopped by he also sang "If Love Was Enough" off the new album, live for us check it out.

And before he left Zack also told us one word that he would never put in the title of a song.

If you haven't it's about time you hop on the The Zack Walther Band-Wagon, get a jump tonight as he performs LIVE at Electric Cowboy, doors open at 7 concert kicks off about 10p.

Check out the video for "Down Easy".