Christmas has this magical power to make us all feel like little kids again - and what better way to jump-start that feeling than by reading classic Christmas books?

My family has a box with all of our old classic Christmas books in it that we keep by the fireplace each Christmas. When I find myself with a few extra minutes to spare, sometimes I'll go grab a seat and read one of the books. It never ceases to amaze me how great those books can make me feel, so I can only hope that others will do the same this Christmas season.

Of course, there are dozens upon dozens of Christmas books that one could choose from, but these are my top 3 choices:

The Night Before Christmas

This poem is the perfect way to end Christmas Eve. My family reads it together every year before we go to bed, and I can't imagine Christmas without it. It just adds a little bit more joy to life and makes you wonder what Santa's got in his sleigh for you that night. As my favorite Christmas book, I would recommend it a million times to any and everyone.

The Polar Express

This book reminds us all to believe - not just in Santa, but in ourselves as well. It makes Christmas become a little more real in my opinion. And I know there is a movie out now (and it's wonderful, I might add) but there is still no substitute for reading this book. It's absolutely incredible.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Would Christmas really happen if you didn't read this book this winter? I don't think so. If you or anyone you know needs a reminder that Christmas is about so much more than presents, this is the perfect book to read. The emphasis on family, friends, giving and loving one another makes for the perfect Christmas book. Of course, this movie is a classic as well, but the book is just too great to not read!

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