As spring approaches, the weather continues to get warmer - and that means there is a lot of warm weather stuff to look forward to!

Personally, I'm a big fan of warm weather and can honestly say that summer is my favorite season. I'll take hot and sunny over cold and snowy any day. And there is just so much to love about the warmth, so check out three things that I'm most looking forward to about the spring weather:

1. Sandals

I am a shoe-fanatic. I'll admit it. I love them. I own entirely too many pairs for any one person to wear all of, but I just can't seem to let them go yet. So until I reach that point I will continue to attempt to wear all of them as many times as possible. But sandals are my true weakness. From casual ones to wedges, and dressy ones to Chaco's, I love wearing sandals. Fortunately in Texas I get to wear my sandals for a long time each year, but now that I'm breaking them out of my closet I just can't help but be excited about them!

2. Nails

The warm weather is the perfect time to show off your new manicure or pedicure (speaking of which, if you need tips on how to make the most of your trip to the salon, check this out). When you look down at your perfectly manicured toes in your favorite pair of sandals, it's sure to put a smile on your face. Plus, summer is the best time to be a little adventurous with the color choice - I'm all about some neon pinks and corals when it's warm outside!

3. The Sunshine

Who doesn't love the sunshine, right? It tends to put everyone in a good mood, especially after it's been a little cloudy for a while. It provides warmth and the perfect setting for you to lay out and work on your tan (while wearing sunscreen of course!) or sit poolside with some friends and just enjoy the day. And if you really want to think about inception here, you could sit outside in the sun, while wearing your favorite sandals and paint your nails all at one time! Sounds like the perfect day to me!