Going off to college is quite the big adventure, but in all the excitement you might forget to take advantage of all the great things that home offers! Check out a few of the things I wish I had thought about before going to college and appreciated a little bit more here.

  • Your Favorite Local Restaurants

    Depending on how far away your college is from your hometown, you may or may not be able to swing into town when you're craving your favorite food. Personally for me, I've had to learn to deal with cravings for Mexican food while I'm at school, but it only makes my chances to eat Mexican food at home worth that much more!
  • Homecooked Meals

    College food is quite the adjustment from homecooked meals every night, and that's something you may not be appreciating to the fullest. While you think all-you-can-eat cafeteria food sounds great, especially with a side of junk food, you're probably going to really want some of your favorite homecooked foods every once in a while. So make sure to get your fill of them before you go!
  • Your Sense of Direction

    OK, so maybe this one is just me, but when I moved away to college I struggled with directions for a while. One of the best things in life is driving around your hometown and being able to take all backroad routes to get all the way across town, and once you reach that level around your college it becomes a great thing.
  • Hometown Culture

    You may not think you will experience culture shock when going off to college, but it's really almost guaranteed. For most freshmen, it's the first time they've lived on their own and had to truly be responsible for everything in their lives. The familiarity of home is a wonderful thing and it's important to always remember where you came from!
  • Familiar Faces

    This holds especially true if you go to college without a lot of people you know there. You may not realize how many people you recognize at home when you're out and about, but moving to a new place takes that familiarity away. Be sure to make as many friends as possible to avoid that feeling lasting for long!