Today is a day we should all celebrate. A day where we swear we won't text our exes after downing a bottle of wine. Yikes, we've all been there, right? Happy National Wine Day! Of course, National Wine Day would fall on a Monday in 2020, but that won't stop us from celebrating the good lord's nectar.

A new survey from found some of the most common mistakes people make when drinking wine. I scrolled through the list and I must admit I have held a wine glass by the bulb and not the stem, normally that happens when I have had several wine glasses prior to that. Luckily I rely on a wine coach every time I am in Napa. I have no shame admitting that I will never know enough about the beautiful happy juice.

In honor of National Wine Day here are the most common mistakes we make when drinking wine.

7 Common Sins We Commit When We Drink Wine


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